ALC HEMP CBD – Flavourless

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Product Description

Flavourless taste.

A CBD e-liquid, 200MG, 10ml, 60PG 40VG. Formulated by Bowman Specialized Liquids.

60PG 40VG



#1: What is CBD Oil?
CBD stands for “Cannabinoid Based Derivative” This is a manufactured product which extracts
the Cannabinoid active ingredients from Hemp.

#2: What does 200mg stand for?
Like nicotine containing e-liquid, the concentration of active ingredient per 100ml needs to be
noted. Hence it contains 200mg of active ingredient.

#3: Why is it flavoured?
This is purely to make it more enjoyable for the user.

#4: Is this good for me?

The use of CBD Oil appears to be effective in the treatment of various medical conditions.

#5: Can I get high?
No. There is no THC (the ingredient that produces the high) in this product.

#6: Is it Synthetic or Natural?
The CBD extract is taken from Hemp oil – so it is entirely natural. All other products are

#7: Who makes the product?
It is produced by “Bowman Specialized Liquids”. Who are one of the UK’s leading Liquid
manufacturers. The product is produced to the highest of standards.

#8: Can it be vaped in any device?
Yes – any clearomizer that can vape E-liquid can vape this product.

#9: Does it contain nicotine?
There is 0 nicotine in this product however, it is safe to use alongside any nicotine containing
products. (It is not advised to mix it with nicotine containing e-liquid).

#10: Can this be sold to someone under 18?
No vape products can be sold to anyone under 18 in Scotland.

#11: What medical conditions is CBD used for?
CBD Oil seems to to be particularly effective in the treatment of: Fibromyalgia, MS, Stress,
Tension, Arthritic Conditions.
It is entirely of the discretion of the user. If they deem their particular medical condition to
warrant the use of CBD Oil. We are NOT medically qualified and are unable to advise in that
respect. Our official line is that we would advise a customer asking questions to consult their GP
or Pharmacists about the effectiveness of CBD Oil in their case.

#12: Is it legal to use?
Yes – it is absolutely legal (for a person over 18) to purchase this product in the UK.

#13: Are there side effects?
There are no known side effect’s in the use of CBD Oil however. Should a person claim to be
experiencing side effects they should seek medical advice.

#14: How much liquid should a user need?
Like nicotine containing e-liquid there is no correct answer. They should use the product until
they have achieved the result they require.


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